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The London-Istanbul-based Digitopia Global Consulting supports companies in staying ahead of the competition by measuring and benchmarking their digital maturity and providing them with a roadmap for digital transformation. “What gets measured, gets done” is the slogan used by Digitopia in reference to its value proposition: Digitopia provides companies with the ultimate digital KPIs to ensure that the digital transformation journey is measurable.

How will the Digitopia-ADG value proposition help Hungarian / CEE companies?

By appointing ADG Management Consulting as their lead partner in Hungary and Central Europe, companies in the region can now access the method used internationally by Digitopia’s current partners in excess of 120 to quantify business impact. Digitopia’s Business Impact Platform assures success by aligning your executive leadership, creating a shared vision, clarifying priorities, accelerating your journey, and growing your impact.

Developed by professionals with exceptional acumen, Digitopia’s digital transformation support concept is different from other similar products as it is quite complex, yet simple and straightforward at the same time.

How do we support the digital transformation journey?

The Digital Maturity Index (DMI) is the ultimate measurement for all your digital transformation efforts. Our comprehensive assessments will give you detailed scorecards, benchmarks, and a roadmap to ensure that you stay on track.

When working with enterprises, Digitopia realized the inherent need of its partners to do more for Sustainability. In response, the Sustainability Maturity Index (SMI) was developed. It is based on a similar approach to that of the DMI, and it is perfectly suitable to drive change in organizations towards sustainability. The Sustainability Maturity Index is the ultimate measurement for all your ESG, Green-Deal, Social-Deal, and sustainability transformation efforts. One comprehensive assessment per year gives you a detailed scorecard, benchmarks, and a roadmap moving forward.

Any and all CEO, who is truly future-oriented, will get their organization truly future read. What does the future hold? The one thing we know is that the Metaverse will provide unprecedented opportunities for customers, employees, business partners, and society as a whole. If you want to elevate your business for Web3.0 and Metaverse, you must know how ready you are. The Metaverse Readiness Index (MRI) serves just this purpose.

We are proud to work with Digitopia

“We are exceptionally proud to become the licensed partner of Digitopia in our part of the world – and beyond. The inherent desire to improve, change and transform is in the DNA of ADG Management Consulting. Providing future-oriented support to corporates is the purpose why we exist. We are thrilled to offer corporate leaders the ultimate benefit of increasing their confidence in digital and limiting the risk involved in any transformation at the same time.

We believe that the appointment is the result of the demonstrated similar approach to digital. The leaders, the consultants, and the consulting partner ecosystem of both companies are in fact evangelists for digital transformation. The inherent similarities of the approaches of the two boutique consulting firms serve as a guarantee for the clients for being assessed in Central Europe by not only the same tool/method but the same professional attitude.


Read more on the DMI, SMI, and MRI on Digitopia’s website

Contact us for a presentation and a project proposal on how we could support your efforts in future-proofing your strategy and creating the roadmap for Digital Transformation.