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„A vibrant small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector is a vital ingredient for a healthy market economy. SMEs constitute 99% of the total number of businesses across the countries” where EBRD, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development operates.


The EBRD’s Women in Business program is one of the Bank’s most celebrated initiatives, aimed at recognizing and addressing the challenges faced by women-led businesses across our countries of operations. The program promotes access to finance and a shift in the way in which local financial institutions serve women-led SMEs: providing them with introductions to business networks, know-how, and role models, to give them the support they need to take their businesses further and help to create an enabling environment for women’s entrepreneurship more broadly.

The role we play

“Being assigned to lead the 12-18 month digital transformation project in Kazakhstan, initiated under EBRD’s Women in Business program is our real privilege. We are deeply honored to be recognized for our expertise and to have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of women in a women-led business with 75%+ female employees in our particular case. We believe that technological advancement in our Client’s business is the precondition for their future business growth. Both the Client and we are aware of the fact that digital transformation is in fact a future-proof business transformation, not only a technology upgrade. In this particular assignment, we will not only be providing valuable business advice to a local business, but we will also be assisting in the creation of a more enabling environment for women in business.” – said Csaba Csényi, Growth Strategist, Digital and Agile Transformation Leader, ADG Management Consulting.

The project, launched in December 2022, and operatively started in late January 2023, is an exciting opportunity for cross-cultural cooperation and to make a difference by creating a lasting impact.


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