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By reading the article below, you will

  • have an understanding of the Bifocal ADG Operating Model and how its 6 dimensions serve companies in achieving RESILIENCE and RESPONSIVENESS, while companies are being encouraged to leverage digital, AI, and agile practices
  • why a HOLISTIC APPROACH to PREPARING businesses for the future is inevitable versus a “siloed” approach
  • how you should start APPLYING the bifocal ADG Operating Model approach

The Bifocal ADG Operating Model

The Bifocal ADG Operating Model encourages organizations to develop a holistic approach that integrates both external and internal perspectives. It is a sustainable growth-oriented approach capitalising on digitally enabled transformation. It leverages technological solutions to achieve responsiveness and organisational resiliency for continued future relevance and value creation and impact.

How can an operating model propel organizations toward a brighter future?

Simply put, it needs to ensure RESPONSIVENESS and RESILIENCE to guarantee adaptability and sustain growth.

Thriving in the complexity of today’s business world demands a pervasive acknowledgment that organizations are not standalone entities but dynamic participants within a vibrant landscape of peers, competitors, and potential disruptors.


The external environment demands “HIGH RESPONSIVENESS”, achieved through strategic initiatives and focus on the following notions:

  • Blur Boundaries: Realize the blurring lines between industries and innovate through a collaborative ecosystem.
  • Coopetition: Leverage collective opportunities by uniting competitive and cooperative strategies.
  • Constituency Focus: Ensure tireless attention to the varied needs and expectations of every stakeholder and customer group to craft solutions that resonate across the board.
The Bifocal ADG Operating Model encompasses 3 external facing elements:

1️⃣ Strategy, Brand, and Marketing

In an exceptionally simplified manner, “strategy” is the “fit” between the environment and the company; “brand” embodies the identity, crafting perception and promise for a loyalty-building experience; and “marketing” is a process of identifying the target audience and engaging them through effective communication. The coherence and the interplay among these elements define the perception and positioning of a business within its market landscape.

2️⃣ Customers and Stakeholders

Whilst numerous enterprises focus on the changing needs of customers and the relatively stable requirements of (the commonly known) stakeholders of a business, only a select few expand their scope to inclusively embrace communities (viewed as a new subset of stakeholders). Maintaining an open, transparent, and consistent dialogue with both groups fosters an environment of trust and reciprocal growth.

3️⃣Supplier and Delivery Ecosystem

The future is about ecosystems. In our approach, “ecosystem” emerges as a pivotal term for the future. Considering factors such as sustainability, reliability, and ethical practices, coupled with a degree of mutual protection to weather the volatility of the environments will not only safeguard them but also protect us as a business in the long run.

Linking all external-facing elements in a well-orchestrated manner curates a coherent, transparent, and responsive organizational conduct, indispensable in today’s hyper-connected, dynamic business environment.


The Bifocal ADG Operating Model by ADG Management Consulting. Unlocking growth where sustainability meets digital.


The anatomy of successful businesses isn’t defined merely by market presence, but more intricately by their internal operational muscle – the true propeller towards sustainable competitive advantage.

Corporate RESILIENCE is rooted in the following key concepts:

  • Value-Centricity: Anchor operations and strategies in the firm soil of organizational values and principles and the relentless aspiration to create real and relevant value for the constituencies.
  • Human Capital is the key to sustainable operation, which operates in an adaptive culture that cherishes diversity and fosters innovation amidst change.
  • Efficient Execution & Data-Driven Decisions: Prioritize swift, effective action, backed by robust data analytics, ensuring informed, impactful decision-making.
The Bifocal ADG Operating Model – encompasses 3 internal facing elements:

1️⃣ People and Culture
The heartbeat of every organization, the workforce’s skills, and ethos, form the fabric of future-readiness. Cultivating an environment that promotes growth, inclusivity, and a shared vision is paramount. It’s not just about having talent but about fostering a culture that accelerates collective potential.

2️⃣ Sustainability, Operations, and Processes
Efficiency and responsibility walk hand-in-hand. Streamlined operations, agile processes, and a commitment to sustainability don’t just boost the bottom line; they amplify brand respect and trust within the market. It’s about creating a system that respects the triple bottom line: People, Profit, Planet.

3️⃣ Data, Technology, and Automation:
The spine of strategic decision-making and operational excellence in the digital age rests upon integrating technology (including AI) and automation with an emphasis on data insights. Harnessing this trio effectively means faster, data-driven decisions, and maintaining a cutting-edge position in innovation.

Agile & Digital: A Core Perspective

The ADRReO Model requires an agile-digital mindset together with the application of agile practices, AI and digital solutions to optimize value creation and capture. This enables organizations to rapidly pivot and address emerging growth opportunities.

Why do you need to take a holistic approach?

Embracing a holistic approach to your operating model doesn’t just prepare your organization for the future; it actively crafts it.

Segmented strategies often miss the interconnected ripple effects within an organization. A holistic inspection of internal elements ensures a 360-degree view, spotlighting areas for integrated improvement, fostering resilience, and driving innovation. It’s about ensuring each cog in the organizational machinery is recognized, valued, and developed for the overarching corporate symphony.

In essence, a holistic approach to managing internal elements recognizes and leverages the inherent interconnectedness of an organization’s various departments and functions. It ensures that the company moves forward as a united, coherent entity, ready to meet future challenges head-on and poised for sustainable success.

How to apply the Bifocal ADG Operating Model, a Framework for future-proof operation?

An operating model, a framework provides that meticulous pathway, shielding the entrepreneurial spirit whilst paving the way for sustained, innovative growth.

As the world is getting increasingly complex, and the SME segment (often the family businesses) enterprises scale and become medium and large-size enterprises, they need a clear, standardized structure that fosters consistency, facilitates scalability, and promotes continuous improvement and innovation. One that creates the foundation for long-term sustainability and relevance. One that is simple, yet considers multiple aspects of sustainable growth.

The Bifocal ADG Operating Model is such a model. A model that propels organizations towards a future where adaptation, resilience, digital, and sustainability converge into a strategic continuum.

Where and how to start transformation?

Built on the concept of the model, the “ADG Assessment Index” is the measurement method for a successful Transformation Journey.  The “ADG Assessment Index” defines the starting point of the transformation journey to help CEOs and leaders to stay focused on creating a flexible, scalable business, integrated into an ecosystem of stakeholders.

“ADG Assessment Index” assessment process is a “Collaborative Self Assessment” using our comprehensive proprietary 54-question methodology to define how Responsive and Resilient your corporate currently is. The stance presented to you will be the starting point of your transformation journey and serve the basis for initiating organisational transformation for a sustainable impact.

Holistic overview and practical application fused

The model that we at ADG Management Consulting have developed helps businesses with a clear, standardized structure that fosters consistency, facilitates scalability, and promotes continuous improvement and innovation. We provide a helping hand in implementation by augmenting your bandwidth to manage your digital, agile and organisation project the transformation project.

Let’s connect and discuss how we can deepen the roots of your internal capabilities, creating a foundation unshakable by market tremors and poised for unprecedented growth.

Remember, however: it all starts with a mindset shift.

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