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We are a boutique strategy consulting and execution management company. We exist to make you thrive in the era of digital.

We create value by…

co-creating your future-proof organizational culture making you stay ahead of the curve co-developing transformation strategies and plans (digital and agile) co-designing growth strategies (innovation - expansion) supporting you in execution management coaching key stakeholders to propel them to higher levels

What makes us different?
We offer you our services using our proprietary Operating Model-based holistic approach:
  • The ADG Operating Model is designed to create alignment on taking a sustainable, growth-oriented approach
  • The ADG Assessment Index assists in prioritizing digital or agile transformation projects, aiming for enhanced responsiveness and resilience
  • Our Execution Management and Project Management services augment your implementation bandwidth, ensuring the success of your transformation journey
ADG services “End-to-End” or Bit-by-Bit” to unlock growth potential.

ESG: Sustainability and social good in our focus

In the last 2-3 years, the global environmental and socioeconomic landscape has changed. Collectively, we appear to have become more aware of the change.


How does ADG respond?


ADG Management Consulting has shifted its focus to the intersections of sustainability and digital. We are accepting assignments only where – in collaboration with our clients – we can make a difference using digital. We strive to be a catalyst for not only growth but sustainability, including environmental, social, and socioeconomic sustainability.
We have committed to taking a role in doing our utmost for socio-economic sustainability, first and foremost by focusing on facilitating cross-cultural understanding.

Art fosters cross-cultural understanding

We believe that art fosters cross-cultural understanding by providing a universal platform for the expression of diverse perspectives, facilitating empathy, challenging stereotypes, preserving cultural heritage, and promoting dialogue, thereby bridging cultural gaps and inspiring creativity.


We support artists aiming at blurring the conventional boundaries that divide countries and cultures. What we typically offer is strategy and execution consulting that aims at exposing the artists to gallery owners, art dealers, art advisors, collectors and museums.


Would you like to be one of the exclusive group members whom we support? Enquire about the eligibility now!

ADG’s Sustainability Pledge

We are committed to creating the smallest possible economic footprint when commuting (by using shared mobility, or e-micro-mobility solutions), renting office space (shared office) and rendering services to our clients.
csaba csenyi portre

Our people, Our partners

With a coaching mindset, Csaba Csényi, MBA, ACC advises CEOs on how to future-proof their businesses by reinventing corporate value propositions, planning and managing digital transformation, and changing mindset and organizational culture to ensure long-term growth.

Csaba has worked on projects and consulted companies in various industries (manufacturing, IT, technology, trading, service industry, tourism, education, and FinTech) on strategy, go-to-market, scale-up, innovation management, change, and turnaround management since 2012. He co-founded a company in the UAE, acquired one in Hungary, and made successful exits later. Csaba coached executives in Hungary, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, worked as an interim Director Strategy, Sales, and Marketing in Hungary, as well as consulted clients in Hungary, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Canada, and the US.

Visit Csaba’s LinkedIn profile for more information.

Nadine Soyez - ADG Ecosystem Partner

Nadine Soyez

Nadine Soyez has been a management consultant since 2005 and has extensive project and consulting experience working with large corporations and renowned management and IT consultancies.

She is passionate about the impact of technology on work, organisations and people and how we can positively shape the digital transformation for everyone involved. She specialises in equipping managers and teams for success in digital work and digital transformation.

To this end, she brings all the necessary skills from her business and technical background. She is characterised by combining an understanding of technology and business with both hard and soft skills. Understanding the complex challenges of digital transformation “holistically” is essential.

Her strength lies in her ability to quickly empathise with a wide variety of problems and business areas, identify new opportunities and communicate complex topics in a simple way. In doing so, she always focuses on hands-on and practice-orientated approaches and practical methods.

Visit Nadine’s LinkedIn profile for more information.

Stephanie Barnes - ADG Ecosystem Partner

Stephanie Barnes

Stephanie Barnes is a seasoned and visionary executive with over 20 years of success helping global organizations to achieve short- and long-term objectives by driving innovation, technology transformation, cultural change, and continuous improvement.

Accomplished Knowledge Management leader with strong expertise in designing knowledge management strategies and frameworks, delivering knowledge management initiatives, and providing essential knowledge management toolkits. A strategic thinker with proven expertise in shaping long-range knowledge management strategy, roadmap, and process, and aligning people, processes, technology, and departments to achieve corporate goals.

Collaborative and creative problem solver with a demonstrated ability to work across all organizational levels and global teams to drive transformational initiatives. Engaging communicator with extensive international working experience in Austria, Canada, China, Germany, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

Visit Stephanie’s LinkedIn profile for more information.

Digitopia - ADG Management Consulting partnership

Digitopia is a purpose-driven organization. Digitopia simplifies complexity and quantifies business impact.

Digitopia is a proprietary developer of a leading “Business Impact Platform”. Digitopia is an expert on business impact, especially in digital transformation and sustainability. They are changing the way consulting is delivered by quantifying business impact, measuring and benchmarking maturity as the ultimate transformation KPI.

Impresario International
London, Budapest

Impresario presents a unique circle of offerings: Insights, Innovation, Influence, and Investment in Canada, Europe, and MENA. 

Impresario gets involved to design, build and deploy financial, product and service delivery innovations. IP creates a sphere of influence for our client companies or individuals in all the media they wish to dominate, alternatively, they prepare their partners for a public or private market event, onboarding of capital, or divestment.

The Preparation Company
Los Angeles

The Preparation Company helps leaders, CEOs, and their companies to transition to agility and makes their people strategy disrupt proof. It guides corporates through change faster than their industry curve.

Managing Director Hari Abburi’s focus is on agility for strategy, leaders, organization & HR. He defines agility as being at the speed of the customer℠ therefore The Preparation Company provides agile transformation consultancy on Strategy & Leadership, People Strategy & HR, and Organization & Change

Strategi - ADG Management Consulting partnership

With a broad range of experience across the political and business spectrum, Strategi’s team of advisors is ideally placed in the UAE to offer high-level advice and successfully manage political engagement.

Pyron Technology - ADG Management Consulting partnership
Pyron Technology
Pyron Technology provides management consultancy services in the domain of overall business digital transformation and a holistic approach to implementing Industry 4.0 high-end technologies and business processes implementing the digital thread of the value chain.

Saudi Executive Coaching - ADG Management Consulting partnership

Saudi Executive Coaches
Jeddah, KSA

We are a Saudi-based executive coaching organization that understands local leadership challenges and provides solutions that help your organization achieve results. 

About the ADG Network: we believe in openness and the inherent need to embrace change. We all value cross-cultural talent engagement and cross-border cooperation to create distinctive value. We contemplate the future with positivity and manage assignments with genuine passion.
Our Ecosystem, the ADG Network Consultants, and our Preferred Boutique Consulting Firm Partners will support you in turning multi-location and/or large-scale projects into success. The common approach is based on analogous insights, knowledge, skills, and experience.

Levy your trust in the ADG Network Consultants or Preferred Boutique Consulting Firm Partners for a unique impact!

The brand promise

The intertwining lines that form our logo represent the relationship between the clients and the consultant, the mentor, or the coach.

Also, they represent transformation.


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