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We are democratizing the access to consulting: it is modular and affordable-by-design: “One-Off“,  monthly “Subscription Fee” package and “Consulting-as-a-Service“.

Choose one of the various engagement models we offer for increased flexibility.

B2B, B2B2C and B2C clients are welcome.

According to a recent McKinsey survey, “business leaders predict that by 2026, half of their revenues will come from products, services, or businesses that haven’t yet been created”.

Are you ready for the transformation and to engage?

According to a recent McKinsey survey, “business leaders predict that by 2026, half of their revenues will come from products, services, or businesses that haven’t yet been created”.

Are you ready for the transformation and to engage?

Choose the “One-Off” or monthly “Subscription Fee” package.


Ideal for those, who want to get their corporate “ADG Assessment Index” or need an “invisible hand” , a consultant on stand-by.


Take “Consulting-as-a-Service”.


An engagement model designed for personalized services in complex projects!

ADG Index AssessmentMost Popular

$ 99

Per Month

The ADG Index Assessment package (online or on-site) includes:

  • Leadership Interview
  • Consulting with key internal stakeholders (typically up to 8×1 hours)
  • Online context market research
  • ADG Index Assessment – Collaborative Self Assessment
  • ADG Index Report describing the key highlights
  • Leadership and Management Team presentation
  • Package Fee: From EUR 6 900+ VAT (if applicable), prepaid. On-site cost reimbursement may apply.

Optional and Auxiliary (Modular) Services

  • Future goals identification, as part of ADG Index Assessment
  • Co-identification of future projects, priorities (Roadmap)
  • Mission, Vision, purpose etc. re-definition, fine-tuning
  • One-page strategy
  • Strategy document (mid-level details) Execution Management / Project Management / Change Management
  • Execution Management / Project Management / Change Management
  • Package Fee: Modular. Ask for a Term Sheet.
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ADG On-DemandMost Popular

$ 99

Per Month

Choose any or more of the following service elements per month

  • Strategy Consulting and/or Business Model consulting
  • Pre-Investment, or start-up/spin-off launch commercial Due Diligence
  • Sustainable Value creation Due Diligence and Consulting
  • Organisational culture and value capture Due Diligence and Consulting
  • Change / Agile / Digital / Organizational Transformation Project Management**

Service Level

  • Delivery: hybrid on demand, conditions apply
  • Availability: 42 hours/month
  • Guaranteed reply in 4 (working) hours
  • Cancel any time before the last day of the assignment to avoid subsequent auto-billing
  • Subscription Fee:EUR 3 975+ VAT (if applicable)/month, prepaid
  • Easy upgrade to Enterprise Package
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Enterprise PackageMost Popular

$ 99

Per Month

Contractual elements include any of the following services

  • Strategy consulting, business model consulting, product, service, or value innovation management
  • Digital Transformation consulting and execution
  • “Sustainability” Transformation, ecosystem-based working principles consulting
  • Organisational culture change, implementation of agile working practices
  • Data-based decision making culture implementation, data strategy development
  • “End-to-End” consulting, execution support or coaching, supported by the “Business Impact Platform”***
  • Project Portfolio Management or Project Team membership as a domain expert
  • Additional project support from the ADG Consulting Ecosystem Partners, if required

Service Level

  • Delivery: hybrid on demand, conditions apply
  • Availability: as per agreement
  • Response time: as per agreement
  • Contractual period: as per agreement
  • Fee: as per agreement (Time and Material or Time and Material and Success Fee)
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Let’s co-explore how we can support you!

Scroll down for fore information on what and how we deliver. Read about our DNA. 

Customer Centricity First.

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    Workshop 1: Supporting Women in the Age of Digital

    Content: a comprehensive industry specific “de-mistification” workshop to empower women to live a fulfilling professional and personal life.

    Duration: 6-7 hours

    Recommended to: any corporate with women in their teams.


    Workshop 2: The Future of Work

    Content: a fine balance of  industry-specific and industry agnostic approach to the future of work

    Duration: 2-6 hours, on demand

    Recommended to: corporates aiming to tackle the future of work on their path to being supported by a strategic HR department.


    Workshop 3: Disruption Awareness Assessment

    Content: identification of disruptive forces and organisational alignment on the challenges

    Duration: 2 x 6 hours (alternatively 3 x 6 hours in case of multi-business-line corporates) plus situation assessment, report generation

    Recommended to: corporates aiming to reassess their future strategies (to create disruptive or non disruptive value or develop a defensive strategy against disruptors)

    Operating Model and Business Model Innovation Consulting

    We revitalize your operating and business models, infusing innovation that aligns with market demands and propels sustainable growth.

    Value Creation and Capture Consulting

    Our services sculpt strategies that amplify your value creation and ensure optimal capture, optimizing the exchange of value between your business and customers.

    Product or Service Innovation Consulting

    We catalyze the innovation of your offerings, ensuring they not only meet but anticipate and shape market demands, securing your position as a forward-thinking leader in your industry.

    Finding New Ways of Monetization Consulting

    Our consulting decrypts hidden revenue streams, pioneering new monetization strategies that leverage your existing capabilities and market position.

    Organizational Development Consulting

    We sculpt your organizational structures, cultures, and workflows, turning them into crucibles where talent, innovation, and optimal performance naturally flourish.

    Digital Transformation Consulting

    Leap confidently into the digital future, with our expert guidance seamlessly integrating cutting-edge digital technologies and strategies into your business operations.

    Rapid, Solution Focused Coaching

    Method: 10-15-20-minute one-off short coaching sessions aiming at discussing an event/action on the spot, in the moment

    Expected result: self-defined solution developed rapidly, accompanied by increased problem ownership.


    Conventional Coaching Sessions (series)

    Method: 50-60-minute coaching sessions (5-12) with senior executives, high potentials, key stakeholders or informal organisational structure opinion leaders for long-term impact

    Expected result: change of behaviour, lessening resistance to change, increasing self confidence, and/or power to motivate others in harmony with the organisational vision.

    Change Management Services

    We facilitate smooth organizational transitions, ensuring changes become catalysts for success rather than disruptions. Join us in a journey where we skillfully manage human elements and processes, turning transformative steps into strides towards unparalleled organizational achievements.

    Digital Transformation Project Management Services

    We weave technological innovations into your business fabric, ensuring a seamless journey through digital adaptation that’s not just about tech but strategizing its impact, enriching customer experiences, and bolstering operational effectiveness.

    Organisational Development Project Management Services

    Seamlessly integrating project management with strategic development, we ensure your projects are timely, within budget, and serve as conduits for sustained organizational growth and continuous improvement.

    Navigate Investments with Absolute Certainty


    Embark on an investment journey where every step is calibrated for optimal return and minimal risk. We don’t just guide – we embed ourselves in your trajectory, safeguarding and amplifying your investments through bespoke, deeply-involved consultancy and advisory services.


    From initiation through acquisition, to seamless operation, our adept interim managers immerse themselves in ensuring your ventures, be they start-ups, spin-offs, or new acquisitions, perform beyond expectations. Representing your interests at the highest echelons of management, we do not merely secure your investment but elevate it, liberating you to pursue your objectives unencumbered.


    Your peace of mind and investment amplification are not just our service – they are our promise. Begin your journey of secure, amplified investment outcomes with us today.

    Digital and Agile Transformation

    Agile and digital transformations are prerequisites for securing and sustaining a competitive advantage in the upcoming years.
    How you allocate your resources, what you measure during a transformation journey, and how you align incentives to support behavioral changes toward new directions are just a few of the many questions we will address with you.”
    “Digital transformation transcends technology, emphasizing strategy. How quickly can you implement changes? How resilient you are? How empowered are your colleagues become? These considerations pivot on organizational agility. Identifying the nuanced blend of these facets is what ADG Management Consulting will co-develop with you.”

    As we design strategies, our DNA—deeply rooted in sales, marketing, and business development—remains integral.

    The consultancy, coaching, and mentoring we provide, as well as the workshops we deliver, mirror our customer-centric and growth-oriented mindset. Throughout our collaboration, this is how we offer distinctively different value to you, your constituencies, and stakeholders.

    Prepare for growth! Revisit your organizational purpose and corporate value system. Together with your key stakeholders, we’ll identify the essential skills and capabilities for implementing a successful transformation project, whether it’s value innovation, product and service development, or launching a startup or spin-off venture!

    “What you will ultimately achieve is an experimental, transparent, open, and supportive organizational culture where leaders guide without dictating, ensuring that empowered colleagues deliver results.”

    On demand, we coach and mentor your key stakeholders toward remarkable organizational success, ensuring your colleagues are engaged, involved, and feel both safe and rewarded as the ecosystem you build prospers.

    The Bifocal “ADG Operating Model is more than a Model.

    It is a leadership philosophy.

    Our Promise

    We offer cross-cultural, cross-border insights and expertise that transcend industry boundaries, with a proven track record in various sectors including hospitality, aviation, travel, event management, trading, training, executive education, coaching, consulting, manufacturing, IT, FinTech, and the service industries.
    Our approach is genuine, addressing assignments with a mindset focused on growth, marketing, sales, and business development, always prioritizing the needs of both current and prospective customers.
    We offer more than mere consulting services; we embrace the responsibility of implementation and execution, considering the skills and capabilities of your team and ecosystem partners.
    Together with our ADG Ecosystem Partners, we provide practical aid and support through consulting, coaching, and mentoring.”
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